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Wholesale, Retail and F&B Accounting

Wholesale, Retail and F&B Accounting Wholesale, retail and F&B accounting is typically useful for multi-channel distribution business. One typical example is an alcohol distributor who does import/export, sells wholesale to other retail outlets, setup his own retail outsets or online sales channel and also F&B outlets for the convenience of people who just want to hang out. So for a

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Departmental or Cost Centre Accounting

Departmental or Cost Centre Accounting Departmental or cost centre accounting has always been desired but lacking in many accounting solutions. It has not been easy to departmentalise our income and expenditure due to the fact that we have been breaking our analysis on project costing, item tracking and customer costing as priority and it has been overwhelming to add in

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Moneyworks Automation for Education

Moneyworks Automation for Education Moneyworks automation for education business involves simplifying managing government subsidies. We met with one client who started to shared with us about their current problem which is common in the education industry. Current situation: They are using MYOB (now known as ABSS) for the accounting, however, they have pre-printed receipt booklets for the recording of student

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MoneyWorks Express v8 Accounting Software

MoneyWorks Express v8 accounting software is a hidden gem for SMEs due to the fact that most Singapore companies are asking for IRAS compliance, it has been largely neglected although it does provide IAF file and GST form 5 reports. Therefore, most SMEs ended up buying Moneyworks GOLD and Datacentre even though some only require basic functionality. Who should consider Moneyworks

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Accounting integration with eCommerce

Accounting Integration In this new era, traditional retailers are moving online as a way to expand market. However, we are aware that for bigger corporation with resources would be able to deploy sophisticated technology to not only automate the processes, but also implement AI to help them improve their businesses. Accounting integration is now part of new economy and should

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What SMEs are buying

Recent Hot Purchases by SMEs This is the first time we blog about hardware purchase as this is really the best time for some who are clearing their budget before PIC ends. It applies to those whose year end coincide with calendar year end as PIC ends YA2018 or FY2017. From IRAS website: The PIC scheme will expire after YA

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Moneyworks Tricks – Landing Cost Calculation

Landing Cost Calculation Include Landing Cost Calculation To Your Product Costing. Many will want to know our product’s real cost to calculate the product profit margin accurately. For that to happen, you will need to landing cost calculation, however we know it is quite troublesome to spread our freight cost to each item’s pricing. You need to calculate every item cost

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Moneyworks Professional Payment Voucher

You might have seen or received bank’s payment voucher with detachable cheque for you to tear out and bank in, while payment voucher is for your filing and reference. Banks do sell them for about S$1 per cheque. Sample payment voucher with attached cheque This desired format does have benefits: Automation in cheque printing without having separate cheque writer Professional and error

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Comparing ABSS / MYOB vs Moneyworks

Comparing ABSS / MYOB vs Moneyworks Comparing ABSS / MYOB vs Moneyworks is not a difficult task.However it is important to compare and contrast both software to give your purchase a great value. Both MYOB and MoneyWorks belongs to the category of on-premise accounting solution with many similarities for sales, purchasing, operations, inventory and accounting for small businesses. While MYOB has almost dominated the on-premise accounting

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Payment via PayPal

Click on Invoice to Allow Payment via PayPal Online Payment is not new. We have been paying our bills and online purchases via credit card and merchant services like PayPal etc. As the adoption is increasingly getting popular, we would want to explore how our customers can pay for our services using online payment. Many would have argued that in B2B businesses (business-to-business),

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Accurate and Reliable Financial Statements using Accounting Software

Accurate and Reliable Financial Statements using Accounting Software You will certainly need to have access to a financial accounting program system to track the financial records and financial reports connected with your business. You will need to handle, billing management more accurate operating result  to avoid over-payment or cycle error. You can use different useful integrated within the accurate accounting software to pay bills process, payable process,

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Reason why should you switch to accounting software

Reason why should you switch to accounting software The reason why should you switch to accounting software, here are a few ideas about accounting software. Accounting in the company helps in proper management of expenditures and revenues that ultimately decide whether a business is heading towards failure or success. It is a means of collecting, analyzing,  and summarizing the financial data of an

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The Best 6 Steps Software Solution for business

The Best 6 Steps Software Solution for business It is important to know in company business where money is coming in and going out. As such, accounting is one of the important processes in any business. It is even more essential than developing products and selling. The flow of revenues and expenditures is what basically makes a business succeed or failed.

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