BizPhone OnCloud Business PBX system

BizPhone OnCloud Business PBX system is an online phone system that provides an affordable alternative to complex hardware systems. Get all of the benefits of a traditional PBX – such as voice, auto attendant and extension– without the expense of buying a conventional phone system.

Manage Your Business Phone System

  • Create your own virtual office and work from anywhere
  • Get a 24/7 Auto Attendant, Call Routing and Voicemail
  • Operate like a large, established business without the frills
  • Set up in just minutes using your existing desktop and mobile phones

BizPhone is a Hosted IP PBX system for small businesses that uses state-of-art VOIP technology ensuring that the quality of your calls are not compromised and keeping it effectively affordable.

the benefits of oncloud pbx:

1. Operate professional with Enterprise communication solution

Incoming calls can be greeted with professionally recorded auto attendance if you or your team members are not available to pick up the call. Auto attendance will be able to automatically route the caller to right department or person without waiting. Extensions can be routed to mobile phone via call forwarding or voicemail. 

2. Improve Productivity and Corporate Image or Branding 

BizPhone empowers your business with the features of a large enterprise phone system without the costly hardware, installation and maintenance fees. Incoming calls are automatically answered with a professional greeting and routed to the appropriate person or department in your company. This creates a positive first impression for your business and provides you with instant credibility. A hosted phone system from BizPhone can help increase company productivity and eliminate unnecessary overhead costs or hefty investments. 

3. Work from Anywhere

Once you set up your BizPhone virtual PBX, you won’t need to stay at your desk to receive calls on your business phone number. Since BizPhone is managed entirely in the cloud you can transfer calls to any number you choose, whether you’re at your desk, working from home, or out on the road. No matter where you are when you answer, callers will only see your business number, guaranteeing your image remains intact. Colleagues may call each other via extension without incurring phone charges and may transfer calls to other department or person without being in the same location.

BizPhone Monthly Subscription plans

  • One extension : S$10.70/extension

Business Virtual Number

You may purchase a number with 2 concurrent incoming call channels, upgrade to 5 or 10 channels seamlessly as business grows. With international DID available, you no longer need to be present physically at the country to setup a support or sales office. No physical phone cabling required! Need a special number, contact our team for choice select!

  • Virtual Line + 1 Business Number Monthly Subscription Plans:
  • Professional Virtual Line (2 incoming concurrent calls) + 1 x 6-Series Number: S$21.40
  • Business Virtual Line (5 incoming concurrent calls) + 1 x 6-Series Number: S$40.66
  • One-time activation charge per number: $32.10

Office Phone

GRANDSTREAM GXP1625 – One time purchase with configuration: S$120.00
GRANDSTREAM GXP1625 – Monthly Subscription: S$10.70

Terms & condition of Bizphone account:
  1. First month subscription is to be paid in advance before account creation, subsequent month will be auto-deduction via credit top-up on e-wallet
  2. All expiry will be align to end of the month and auto-renewal on 24th of every month
  3. Termination notice must be given via email giving 30 days notice
  4. 10% (on unused credit) administration charge or $10 (whichever is higher) will be levied on unused credits, and balance 90% will be refunded after clearing all outstanding fees upon official termination
  5. Account will be suspended first and will be terminated on the 17th of the following month
  6. Refund will be done through cheque payable to company name after the termination 17th of the following month


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SMRT Circle Line: Tai Seng or Macpherson Station
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