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InvoiceNow with Moneyworks

InvoiceNow with Moneyworks.
Get Paid Faster.

On 23rd September 2020, the InfoComm Media Development Authority (“IMDA”) announced the launch of InvoiceNow to help businesses improve efficiency, reduce cost,  receive payment faster and reduce our impact on the environment by using less paper invoices.

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InvoiceNow and PayNow Corporate both make use of the Unique Entity Number (“UEN”) to help businesses send and/or receive invoices and collect payments easily.

By registering for both services, every business and their partner organisations can truly harness the efficiency and productivity in digitalisation as they exchange invoices seamlessly, directly between their finance systems.

InvoiceNow with Moneyworks:
How it works for businesses

Send an invoice in the standard digital format for quicker processing and validation.

Your customers can then pay via PayNow or other e-payment methods.

Grants Available
For Your Business


E-Invoicing Registration Grant 

Register on the InvoiceNow Network before 31st Dec 2020 to be eligible for the $200 E-invoicing Registration Grant (ERG). 

Find out more at https://www.imda.gov.sg/invoicenow


Digital Resilience Bonus

Businesses in the Food Services and Retail sectors are eligible for the Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) of up to $10,000 for which InvoiceNow Registration is a base criteria.

Find out more at https://www.imda.gov.sg/DRBonus

For further enquiries, please write in or contact us at 


+65 6589 8878

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