Product Batch Tracking

Product Batch Tracking

Product batch tracking, sometimes known as lot number tracking is critical for some products and industries. Food industries track batch and expiry because they need to keep products fresh, while pharmaceutical industries need to track who is holding on to certain batch of products in the event of product recall they are able to trace the clients.

Moneyworks has a function whereby one can choose to track serial number or batch number. We will show an example of how Moneyworks track batch number for the purpose of this topic.

At the item details of Moneyworks, you have to turn on batch number and expiry tracking as below:

Next after activation, you can start to do purchase of the items. Enter the batch number and expiry date in the fields as shown:

Purchase with batch and expiry tracking

Note that you can also assign location of your stock, but in this blog, we will skip location to keep to our topic.

We are now able to sell the item by invoicing to our clients. Note that you will have to choose the batch and expiry will be auto append as below:

invoice with batch selection

Ideal practice and situation, we should be choosing the older batch of product before choosing the newer ones. There are cases whereby if product is fast moving, you can choose a batch that matches delivery quantity.

Now that you have bought and sold the products with batch, you are able to trace the moment of item in the item history as below:

Item Batch History

You will be able to seen the product movement and also check the batch number of each transaction of the item.

As this is part of Moneyworks feature, do use it to optimise your operations. If you are interested to know more about Moneyworks and/or batch tracking of inventory, please feel free to contact us.

Hope this help optimise your operations and simplify your process!


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