Moneyworks Setup Simplified

Moneyworks Setup simplified to 2 minutes youtube which was created 5 years back, and it is still relevant today.

This youtube shows you how you can setup a new company file in Moneyworks so that you can quickly get it up and running in amazing just 2 minutes.

Moneyworks is not only a very simple to use accounting solution, but pack with feature rich functionalities which gives loads of flexibility and freedom to the users.

Setting up process of Moneyworks Gold version 7 is still the same as version 8, except there are many new features in the new version 8 compare to version 7. You may want to read up on “Whats new in version 8” from the link provided.

Moneyworks Mini-ERP was built from the ground up for the needs of business, finance and accounting professionals. It isn’t bloated with wider organisational “features” like HR & CRM, that are costly, complicated and need an IT consultancy to configure. Instead you get a powerful, feature rich platform that unlocks your company’s accounting data to help you run a better business.

Being fully supported, Moneyworks is regularly updated and flexible
enough to fit within your workflow and integrate with your existing
business software.

Moneyworks GOLD and Datacentre version 8 is now pre-approved solution under productivity solutions grant as of 21st Feb 2019

With Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), you can now deploy Moneyworks accounting solution to embark on digitising your operations and can claim up to 70% of the package solution.

We hope the video and blog simplifies your understanding on Moneyworks and also the grant that can assist you.

To know more about PSG grant for Moneyworks solution, please visit our website for more information or contact us at 6589 8878. We would be more than glad to share this with you.

William Tan

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