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Ecommerce + Accounting is the greatest combination for many online businesses. Many online business today struggle with administrative work which is very unnecessary. Both Ecommerce shopping cart and accounting solution issues invoices or receipts to customers who buy online (ecommerce) while offline (accounting). Yet they would need to key the ecommerce transaction into accounting solution for accounting purposes. We now have ecommerce + accounting integration made simple with 2 options for Moneyworks users:

1. Moneyworks Service: has ready integration under Moneyworks Datacentre version 9 if you are using WooCommerce, Shopify as well as BigCommerce. See below on Moneyworks screenshot:

moneyworks ecommerce

2. WooCommerce Solution : WooCommerce standalone with direct integration with Moneyworks

WooCommerce Solution has been created to help SMEs without any existing ecommerce platform, the difference of this solution is that you get the platform and the service provider will do the integration for you. While Moneyworks service is for SMEs who has existing ecommerce platform and just want to integrate with Moneyworks.

Woocommerce Solution is now pre-approved PSG package solution which allows SMEs to claim up to 70% of the implementation (and services) cost from IMDA. If you do not have Moneyworks accounting, you will be glad to know Moneyworks is also pre-approved PSG package solution which is the same grant that you can apply for concurrently!

So what does Woocommerce Solution include? It covers implementation and setup of your ecommerce shopping cart, integrate with payment gateway, and with Moneyworks Datacentre (if you are using or are going to adopt).

How does integration help?

1. Synchronise your products from Moneyworks to WooCommerce shopping cart so that you do not need to do repetitive work on both Woocommerce and Moneyworks. If there is a price change, users can amend Moneyworks product price setting without going into Woocommerce to update the price

2. Synchronise your transaction from WooCommerce shopping cart so that SME do not need to re-enter manually for accounting purpose

For an active online vendor with average of 50 transactions per day, you can easily save 2 headcount and re-channel them to providing better service to your clients. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information at +65 6589 8878 NOW.

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