Cloud Phone System

cloud phone system

Cloud Phone System is now available with our Virtual Line and Bizphone combination. Cloud phone system simply means our traditional pabx, pbx or even key phone system is now on the cloud. You need not purchase the expensive system to give each desk an extension phone in order to work like a corporate office.

With the Cloud phone system, all you have to do is to select the plans (2 concurrent calls, 5 concurrent calls or even more), the telephone number you required and the number of extensions you required.

Most importantly, your extensions need not be in the same location with physical telephone cables or arrange for Singtel to run telephone lines from riser to your business premise.

Let us breakdown to just 2 main components:

  1. Virtual Line which consist of your choice number together with number of concurrent calls.
    • Choice number includes your usual 6 series number like 65898878 (our phone number), or a Malaysia number or even Australia number without having a physical office presence there!
    • Number of concurrent calls means you can have up to how many calls at any one time. For example you have 3 extension, you probably would need at least 2 concurrent calls subscription. Your choices available are 2 (Professional), 5 (Business), 10 (Business Plus) or unlimited (Business Ultimate) concurrent calls.
    • Virtual line can allow administrators to create desired call flows and professional IVR routing process
  2. Bizphone are merely extensions. You have choice of IP phone license or Mobile App license.
    • Bizphone IP Phone license allows you to configure your own devices (Hardware IP Phone, laptop SIP Softphone or SIP Mobile Apps)
    • Bizphone Mobile App license is  proprietory mobile app whereby you can just login without configuration requirements. Mobile App is available in both Andriod or iOS.

Moving on, we can have other optional components:

  • Call Recording which allows you to record the calls for each extension.
  • Global DNC which allows you to like to global DNC registry that can protect your users from calling users whose contacts are registered on the DNC registry.
  • Rent an IP Phone which means you need to purchase, configure or maintain your own phone sets.
  • Add DID to extension if you need direct reach.

Therefore with Cloud Phone System, you can now operate a professional phone system without owning it, and more importantly scale without incurring the replacement or maintenance moving on.

You can expand or restructure without professional assistance as everything has been simplified with bizphone!

To start off, here are 2 simple package to start off:

  1. Internet Extension 213 – Virtual line with 2 concurrent calls, 6 series Singapore number and 3 extensions
  2. Internet Extension 515 – Virtual line with 5 concurrent calls, 6 series Singapore number and 5 extensions

Whether you are a start up or in the midst of changing phone system, it is time you take action.  

Contact us for more clarifications now at +65 6589 8878.

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