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SME NextCloud Solution – File services simplified.

SME NextCloud Solution is the next generation development to our SMESUITE File Sharing Solution. With On-Premise file service solution, you can expect a hybrid solution giving you on-premise control of file services to file services with cloud access capability. You now have full control of cloud file services.

Worry about privacy issues from public cloud like Google Drive and Dropbox? SME NextCloud will give you the features you want with On-Premise privacy and control. You are now not subjected to data expose to cloud access security issues.

With individual cloud storage solution, you can now let your user computer backup to own cloud storage, share freely on cloud and shutdown the sharing anytime you want.

What can you do with SME Nextcloud:

  1. Synchronise your PC/Laptop data to Nextcloud as a cloud storage
  2. Access your PC/Laptop data over cloud via browser or mobile app
  3. Restore files and versions that are accidentally deleted or edited
  4. Versioning function for restoring to previous copy
  5. Deny ransomware from synchronising server copy
  6. Change of computer by synchronising file from one machine to another without manual data transfer
  7. Protection against internal sabotage by deleting files and clearing trash
  8. 2FA login control for external user to prevent hacking activity
  9. Share files and folders over link like Google Drive or Dropbox

SME NextCloud service is suitable for:
A. SME companies with less than 30 users
B. SMEs who are concern over privacy over their data on public cloud
C. Concern of data backup and security in the office
D. Companies with employees situated everywhere and work anywhere sharing and files and folders for work collaboration

With SME NextCloud solution, you can backup, collaborate, access your documents Anywhere, Anytime with Anyone! With SMESUITE NextCloud, we simply your document access needs!

You can access your nextcloud files on File explorer like other cloud drive:

NextCloud on File Explorer

For more information about this solution, please feel free to contact us at 6589 8878. 


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