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SMe Firewall Simplified is our very own version of managed firewall for SME business who wants to protect against attacks, with minimum involvement

Benefits of SMe Firewall Simplified:

  • Fully managed by AMC
  • No hardware to purchase
  • Blocked off more than 90% of unwanted traffics
  • Blocked most countries from coming near your network
  • Simple VPN for your remote operations
  • No administration required

Paying one single fee for management, you will get:

  • Hardware firewall device
  • Management service to set rules for both in and out of office traffic
  • Support and consultancy advice in the event of intrusion detected
  • Provide loaner device in the event of hardware failure
Who needs this service:
  • SME who needs to work from remote
  • SME who host their web, email, and other application in-house
  • SME who are using IPPBX, Surveillance camera and other devices that you need connection from outside
  • SME who uses remote desktop or terminal services machine in office
Call us for a quick discussion if you need further clarity. We will make your IT security simplified!


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