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Moneyworks – Sustainable Solution for Climate Friendly Households Programme

Moneyworks – Sustainable Solution for Climate Friendly Households Programme Introduction Moneyworks – Sustainable Solution for Climate Friendly Households Programme as used in independent store in voucher scheme help elderly consumers with energy- and water-saving appliances. The Climate Friendly Households Programme (CFHP) is a commendable initiative in Singapore, aimed at promoting sustainable living practices. Under this program, every HDB household receives

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Moneyworks Accounts Category Setting

Moneyworks Accounts Category Setting allows setting of category and sub category for up to 4 sets. Here is an example of how we can use Category, Category2 and Category3 in our accounts to give us different presentation. Here is our example utilising 3 Categories: Main Category: My Fixed Asset Category2: Commercial and Residential Category3: Furniture and Property So from here,

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Singapore 2024 GST 9% (ABSS MYOB and Moneyworks)

Singapore 2024 GST 9% (ABSS MYOB and Moneyworks) will commence in 1st Jan 2024. This changes will not only affect your personal consumption, it will also increase the operation cost for business in one way or another. In this article, we are not talking about effects on business, but on our business operations especially for those who are using ABSS/

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Moneyworks Improvement

Moneyworks Improvement has been exciting to users lately. Have you updated your Moneyworks to version 9.1.5r2? You can read about the official release here: What caught our attention are these 3 enhancement: Side Bar Theme: Aesthetically differentiating one datafile (or company accounts) from another  Custom List View: Ability to save different views and allow users to toggle how they

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Moneyworks Head Office Billing

Moneyworks Head Office Billing allows users to have bill to head office but delivering address to branch locations. Who will need to use this? Customers with multi-branches or outlets (retail chain stores like NTUC, KFC, MacDonalds) Renovation sub-contractors whose fulfilment is not direct customers What does Head Office billing concept solves? Bill to Head Office, delivery to Head Office or

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PSG and SFEC Grant

PSG and SFEC Grant has been around for a few years helping SMEs quietly. Have you benefitted from the combine effect of both grants?Most of us knows PSG (Productivity Solutions Grant) and many of our customers has adopted Moneyworks Accounting Solutions under PSG enjoying from claiming 80%, down to 70% and now currently at 50% of the qualifying cost. However,

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Moneyworks – Price Inclusive or Exclusive GST

Moneyworks – Price Inclusive or Exclusive GST in invoicing will allow some customers to deal with retail sales. Some customers especially retail customers would need all price quotes or invoice inclusive of GST. Here is our solutions to such arrangements using multiple price level. 1. Setup the products with price level in Selling Info tab of your item, tick Multiple

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Moneyworks POS

MoneyWorks POS (Point of Sale) has been launched in late March 2023. Here is how mwPOS looks like: Simple, functional integrated Point of Sale. A full screen POS incorporating PLU buttons, baarcode scanning, customer loyalty, split payments, parked transactions and more. Being a full MoneyWorks component, each sale will automatically update inventory, cost of sales, and other ledgers. The MoneyWorks

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Multi-Branches Centres

Multi-Branches Centres and Outlets management can be challenging if company is also managing departmental and project at the same time. Moneyworks allows departmental, classification and projects that handles most of the complex businesses. However, each department can only tag to a classification and projects are used for job allocation and reporting. With such a scenario, we will have to customise

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Margin Report – Moneyworks

Sales margin report for each customer can serve several purposes, including: Understanding customer profitability: By analyzing sales margin reports for each customer, businesses can gain insights into the profitability of individual customers. This information can help businesses make informed decisions about which customers to focus on and how to allocate resources to maximize profitability. Identifying opportunities for growth: Sales margin

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Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Support Drops to 50% The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is a government initiative aimed at helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore to adopt technology solutions and equipment that can enhance productivity and reduce business costs. However, the PSG support rate has recently dropped from 70% to 50%, and this has raised concerns among SMEs about the impact on their business operations.

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InvoiceNOW Transactional Bonus (PEPPOL E-Invoice)

InvoiceNOW Transactional Bonus (PEPPOL E-Invoice) Dear Customers, We are pleased to share that IMDA has introduced the $200 InvoiceNow Transaction Bonus (ITB) to reward businesses on InvoiceNow for sending 10 or more invoices on the network.With InvoiceNow, you will be able to send and receive e-invoices directly into Moneyworks, saving you time from manual entry of invoice data and thus

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Better Data Driven Business

The Better Data Driven Business (BDDB) programme helps SMEs gain deeper consumer insights and scale up their businesses through responsible use of data. It aims to support two types of SMEs, those that are starting to learn to use data to generate insights, and those that seek to apply and share data for more complex purposes. Read more at: Upscaling

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ECommerce + Accounting

Ecommerce + Accounting is the greatest combination for many online businesses. Many online business today struggle with administrative work which is very unnecessary. Both Ecommerce shopping cart and accounting solution issues invoices or receipts to customers who buy online (ecommerce) while offline (accounting). Yet they would need to key the ecommerce transaction into accounting solution for accounting purposes. We now

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Moneyworks – Back to Back Order

Moneyworks – back to back order function is available on Sales Order. This is a handy function if you are not keeping stocks. In Moneyworks, you will need to specify your usual supplier for the items (though you may still change the supplier after the purchase orders have been created. Below is the sales order created for 4 items: After

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Moneyworks Automated Invoicing

Moneyworks Automated Invoicing – Have you wondered why you receive invoice before your subscription expiry? In business-to-business operations, we often need to invoice our customers in regular intervals like monthly rental, annual domain subscription, annual maintenance just to name some. These are very normal activities, and yet it took up our time like having a separate excel to track the

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Compelling reasons of choosing MoneyWorks over ABSS (or MYOB)

Compelling reasons of choosing MoneyWorks over ABSS (or MYOB) I have blogged about the comparison between MYOB and Moneyworks in the middle of last year. You may read about it here. This time, I will go full swing on my stand to move my passion from MYOB (now known as ABSS) to MoneyWorks. I have been selling MYOB since 1997

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Consignment and Reserve Stock

Consignment and reserve stock inventory has been asked many times by quite a number of customers especially those who are wholesaler providing consignment goods to retail stores. On recent enquiry, the customer is considering the warehouse management for consignment goods and customer’s reservation. Here is their requirement: 1. Want to use the software as inventory management only 2. Consignment goods

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CTO-as-a-Service (Chief Technology Officer-as-a-Service) is a one-stop platform that provides you with quick access to resources and expertise to go digital. Click on the image link to access This is an initiative by IMDA to assist SME goDigital. Go embark on your Digital journey with government grants and support now! Moneyworks is one of the pre-approved solution and we are

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Stocktake with Mobile Stocktake with mobile devices speeds up your stocktaking processes with more accuracy then to print out a list of stock items and count it manually. However, it is difficult to make things simple. Most of the application out there does require preparation of stock item list or they are simply too complex to start.  We look for stocktake mobile

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