MoneyWorks Express v8 Accounting Software

moneyworks express v8 accounting software
Moneyworks Express v8

MoneyWorks Express v8 accounting software is a hidden gem for SMEs due to the fact that most Singapore companies are asking for IRAS compliance, it has been largely neglected although it does provide IAF file and GST form 5 reports. Therefore, most SMEs ended up buying Moneyworks GOLD and Datacentre even though some only require basic functionality.

Who should consider Moneyworks Express v8?

  • Single user (for 1 user standalone only)
  • Only requires simple sales and purchase functions (does not require quotation, purchase order or sales order)
  • No inventory tracking, but can count quantity of items (but can enter purchase or sales of items)
  • Single currency transactions
  • Simple project/job tracking without job costing

The rest of the functionality a pretty much the same as Moneyworks GOLD version.

moneyworks express user interface
moneyworks express user interface

With all the features of MoneyWorks Cashbook, plus receivables and payables, MoneyWorks Express is the ideal accounting solution for the smaller business that aims to grow.

Moneyworks Express v8 Accounts receivable

The accounts receivable efficiently tracks your invoicing who owes you money, enabling you to reduce outstanding invoices for better cash flow.

Easily prepare and send high-quality professional invoices …

  • Produce free-form service invoices or quantity/item invoices with descriptions of up to 1000 characters per line item.
  • Subscription billing: Replicate an invoice multiple times for selected customers (membership dues, school fees, subscriptions etc).
  • Recurring invoices (e.g. retainers) can automatically regenerate at nominated intervals.
  • Head office billing and drop shipping: sell to a branch office, but bill to head-office.
  • Offer and manage prompt-payment discounts, to speed up collection.
  • Manage GST/VAT/sales taxes, with tax overrides for overseas/out-of-state customers.
  • Print or email invoices, either individually or in bulk
  • Use the built-in forms designer to customise your invoices (and statements) to represent your company brand.

… manage receivables

  • Easily manage/sort/search your receivables with the configurable onscreen list.
  • Print or email statements and overdue letters, either individually or in bulk.
  • Customisable open-item or balance-forward statements forms.
  • Automatic notification of overdue accounts for good debtor control.
  • Variable credit terms and limits, and hold facility for delinquent customers.
  • Flexible ageing with comprehensive reporting to meet with your billing cycle.
  • Fast on-screen customer payments history to see who paid what, when.

.. and allocate customer payments, even when they botch it.

  • Fast processing of receipts either individually or in batch.
  • Open-item receivables with optional smart auto-allocation of receipts to invoices.
  • Allocate receipts to invoices when importing bank statements.
  • Easy write-off, contra and cancellation facilities.
  • Handles partial payments, overpayments and uneconomic balances.

Moneyworks Express v8 Accounts payable

Use the accounts payable system to optimise your payments for better cash flow.

Easily enter invoices …

  • Fast, streamlined entry of supplier/vendor invoices.
  • Import electronic invoices using configurable import maps.
  • Record invoices by item or by account.
  • Store original PDF or scan of hardcopy invoice for your records
  • Prompt-payment discounts – take advantage of any supplier prompt-payment discounts (and correctly account for GST/VAT/Sales Tax).
  • Head-office payments: purchase from branch but pay head-office. Also suitable for co-ops.
  • Tag expenses to jobs for simple job reporting

… manage payables

  • Automatic notification when payment on invoices is overdue.
  • Fast and comprehensive on-screen payments history, to see what you paid and when.
  • Aged payables reports, including retrospective.
  • Batch payments: pay hundreds of suppliers in a single payment run.
  • Associate creditors with a payment method to easily select and pay by cheque, direct credit etc.

… and make payment

  • Print cheques and/or remittance advices, or email remittance advice direct to supplier.
  • Prepare direct credit schedules for electronic submission to bank1.
  • Easy write-off, contra and cancellation facilities.
  • Manage partial payments.

Moneyworks Express v8 Custom forms designer

Create eye-catching invoices and statements, not to mention purchase orders, cheques, mailing labels and remittance forms. Fit forms to existing stationery or print on plain paper. Full graphics support for company logos, etc.

  • Design your own invoices, statements, receipts, cheques, letters, product labels etc.
  • Include graphics—lines, rectangles, round-cornered rectangles and pasted/imported graphics.
  • Smart forms capability—include formulas and conditional visibilty of form elements
  • Create multi-part and multi-page forms.
  • Easily print mailing labels, product labels and shipping labels.
  • Include barcodes (EAN13/UPC and GS1/Code128) and product images.
  • All forms can be PDFed and emailed; you can even include clickable links to your website in PDFs (full PDF support even on Windows – no additional software required)

MoneyWorks comes with dozens of standard forms. With MoneyWorks Express or MoneyWorks Gold you can modify them or create your own. MoneyWorks Cashbook can use forms designed with Express or Gold.

Moneyworks Express v8 Custom sales analysis

Your MoneyWorks file contains much more than just financial data, so we make it easy for you to analyse this to get better insights into how your business operates.

All MoneyWorks products include a number of standard analysis reports (such as “Item sales by customer”). These can be easily modified in MoneyWorks Express/Gold, or you can create your own from scratch.

  • Flexible, user-specifiable analysis reports perform powerful cross-tabulation dissection of your sales and/or purchases in up to three dimensions over a nominated time range.
  • Easily answer questions such as “who is buying these products?” and “what products did we sell into this region last quarter?”.
  • Analyse by dollars, quantities, costs or margins.
  • Prepare tabular reports with live drill down, or present as charts (column, stacked-column, line or pie charts).
  • Save analysis report templates for reuse later.
  • Easily email report outputs as pdfs.

Download a copy of Moneyworks Express v8 to try it out for free now!

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