Moneyworks is Simple yet Great

We are giving a few reasons why Moneyworks is simple yet great business software necessary for all SMEs.

  1. Connecting from Anywhere
moneyworks datacentre and moneyworks NoW
Moneyworks Datacentre and Moneyworks Now

With Moneyworks Datacentre (On-premise, self hosted) or Moneyworks NOW (Cloud subscription), you are able to access your Moneyworks from anywhere and everywhere securely (with SSL). No remote desktop is required. You are able to access directly even with your mobile data 4G speed or public wifi.

2. Email directly with Outlook Client

moneyworks email invoice directly to client
Email direct from Moneyworks without Outlook configured

You may bypass Outlook configuration, and email your invoice directly from Moneyworks application of your desktop. Your clients will receive invoice documents in pdf while your supplier will receive your purchase order in the same way.

3. Attach Support Documents to transactions

Moneyworks attaching supporting documents to transactions
Attach supporting documents to transactions

Digitise your filing. Attached your supporting documents like supplier invoice to your purchase invoice, customers’ purchase order to your customer invoice transaction will allow you quick access reference to source documents for future referencing.

4. Small program or scripts to improve work efficiency

moneyworks scripts
Custom scripts to calculate landing cost and distribute to purchase cost

Small programs or automation scripts can be customised to assist in operations like adding landing cost and distributing the landing cost to purchase price of the product. Simple application that can go a long way for customise tariff or even credit card charges are common yet not-available in general accounting solutions.

5. Integration with E-commerce

Moneyworks integration with woocommerce

Above video is one example of integration with REST API. Products created in Moneyworks can be “push” to woocommerce shopping cart, while check-out sales can be “push” back to your Moneyworks without manual re-entry. Such automation frees manpower from doing unnecessary dummy work of re-entry of similar data, like creating products in accounting or inventory program and also same information goes into e-commerce shopping cart.

If you are keen to know more about how Moneyworks can help you with your business operations, please feel free to contact us at 65898878.


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