Moneyworks Mobile Timer

moneyworks mobile timer

Moneyworks Mobile Timer is the mobile friendly app that comes with Moneyworks Mobile, allowing users to record time or resources on the fly.

In the above video, you will see that you can assign job to a particular user to perform a specific job or project.

Upon receiving job task, user can login and start the task timer on the specific job before commencement, and once stop, the timer will allow user to record job description that has been performed. User can also allocate items (inventory product items) where necessary to be included for the job. Once submitted, the job sheet will be synchronise to your Moneyworks Datacentre and update the job status.

Backend operations can then pick up the job sheet to bill for the job or project.

Benefits of Moneyworks Mobile Timer:

  • On-site engineers or technicians can record while backend will not forget to bill
  • Projects or jobs status are track real-time without complicated apps.
  • Can assign different user to different job, or even outsource freelancers to update the record in the dynamic world

Application of Moneyworks Mobile Timer:

  1. Engineering – recording on-site job or projects
  2. Consultancy – recording of on-site or remote project consultancy services
  3. Legal services – recording of time-charges for billing transparency
  4. Servicing – service engineer or technician recording jobs or task

Moneyworks is an on-premise, yet pack with cloud functionality. You have a choice of perpetual on-premise license purchase or Moneyworks NOW for cloud subscription. Yet you can access it Anywhere with Laptop or Mobile Apps for different purposes.

Hope this video simplifies your business operations, at the same time help you to be efficient in remembering to bill your customers!

You can adopt Moneyworks with Productivity Solutions Grant with us, who is the pre-approved vendor for Moneyworks!

Please feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory demo at +65 6589 8878 Now!

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