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Moneyworks Mobile

Moneyworks Mobile friendly function is a handy tool to allow users to access their Moneyworks reports and also for logging in job sheet. As part of REST API, Moneyworks has this mobile friendly browser feature to test out the REST API.

In this article, we will introduce Moneyworks reports accessibility via your mobile phone. Do note that you need to be on Moneyworks Datacentre to enjoy this feature.

Moneyworks Mobile

Just key in the Moneyworks Datacentre web address or IP Address, in the above example, as we are in local area network with the Moneyworks REST port specified (you may key in your web address eg. myoffice.com:6710 when out of office). This will bring you to the mobile viewing screen. Go into the report, it will require you to save the login credentials of the user. You can now access any report which you are assigned to without going to your PC.

Moneyworks Report selection

You can choose which report to view after saving your login credentials. It is definitely a convenient way for sales person to check for stock status, or for management to have a quick view of income statement on the move.

Moneyworks Profit/Loss Report on mobile

We usually recommend to view the report in landscape instead of portrait as it looks better. You can view this on any laptop browser, mobile phone or tablet of any size, and not restricted to iOS or Android. There are no additional charges, as it is part of the Moneyworks Datacentre standard feature.

We hope you enjoy this function as much as we do. In Moneyworks, accounting is made simple!

Please feel free to contact us for a demonstration to see if Moneyworks is suitable for your business!

Remember you can claim up to 70% cash grant for choosing to adopt Moneyworks to goDigital!


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