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Moneyworks: Mini- ERP

The ultimate accounting software for smes

making it simple

Moneyworks Mini-ERP

Moneyworks Mini-ERP was built from the ground up for the needs of business, finance and accounting professionals. It isn’t bloated with wider organisational “features” like HR & CRM, that are costly, complicated and need an IT consultancy to configure. Instead you get a powerful, feature rich platform that unlocks your company’s accounting data to help you run a better business.

Being fully supported, Moneyworks is regularly updated and flexible enough to fit within your workflow and integrate with your existing business software.

MoneyWorks family of accounting provides a range of feature rich but easy to use solutions for small, medium and large organisations. Whether you operate from home or have several hundred staff, there is a Money-Works solution for you.

MoneyWorks is robust, fast and scalable and yet simple and user-friendly, with an exceptional audit trail and top quality reporting capabilities.

The only accounting software that runs on both Mac and Windows platform, with open connectivity with ecommerce or CRM.

Unique Benefits of Moneyworks:

pricing inclusive of gst:

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