MYOB OnCloud

MYOB OnCloud

MYOB OnCloud (now known as ABSS) runs on terminal service to enhance the speed effect of MYOB on Network. With MYOB Oncloud, you can expect your MYOB to run at least double the speed compared to running on network and 5 times faster on wifi. You can read about speeding up ABSS / MYOB in the article here

Benefits of MYOB OnCloud:

  • Hardware loaner provided 
  • Easy to deploy and can access anywhere without worry of security
  • Full support provided
  • Roll back of previous version in the event of ransomware infection
  • Secure connection via IP Control
  • Harddisk mirroring to reduce down time
  • Fully managed, no concern over data loss or corruption
  • Complete with backup to NextCloud
Deployed to users’ premise or hosted on AMC premise, users will enjoy greater control over speed and have full control over hardware security.

This solution is also suitable for running of Quickbooks on-premise multi-user environment (Australia or Canada version) whereby users face the same speed issue on their network and constrain to on-premise usage. 

Moneyworks Datacentre (on-premise) user can also use this service as Datacentre needs to run either on Windows or Mac operating system.

MYOB OnCloud can be deployed with machine on-premise or hosted at AMC Office. Service comes with full service management and support. Options available for 3 user or 5 user concurrent connections. Backup solution using AMC NextCloud subscription allows user to have access to emergency offline recovery of datafiles.

Request for a trial to experience the speed enhancement before deployment is available upon request.

Do contact us for further clarifications at +65 6589 8878.


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