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Moneyworks On iPAD

moneyworks on ipad

Moneyworks on iPAD

Moneyworks on iPAD is made available for iOS users. Which means iPhone is applicable too!

So what can you do with your iPhone or IPad device when you are running Moneyworks?

  1. Reports: You can generate your favourite reports without going back to your laptop or desktop. Mark down your favourite report and access it via your iPad which abstract the live reports from Moneyworks Datacentre.
  2. Customers: Create new customer contact or search for customer details on the fly. You can also search for their invoices and send them out via from your iPad or iPhone.
  3. Stock Take: Yes, you can now do stock take via iPad or iPhone, manual or scan with camera. Scanning using your iPad or iPhone can either be done via back camera (shooting on bar code) or front camera (like retail bar code scanner) by running your bar code across your device. Once done, you can submit your stock take results to the backend to conclude.
  4. Expenses: You can record your expenses, snap a picture of your receipt and it will be uploaded immediately to your Moneyworks Datacentre backend for processing.
  5. Transactions: You can now input your sales quote, order or invoice on the move. Once you record and submit your transaction, it will be uploaded to the backend instantly!
  6. Jobs: Job sheet can also be submitted via iPad or iPhone! Service engineers or consultants can record the job sheet of issued products or activities via the mobile devices so that it can be consolidated for billing by the back-office operations.

Here are some screenshots:

Moneyworks on iPad / iPhone

We definitely hope this simple functionality can give a boost to speed up operational efficiency, bring in digitalisation to the next level.

If you require demo, please feel free to contact us at 6589 8878. 


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