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Designed to provide a centralized solution for communication needs of businesses, the Grandstream UCM series offers a state-of-art telephony system with features that caters to typical SMEs business operations at a price that is affordable. The secure and reliable IPPBX delivers enterprise-grade features without any licensing fee, costs-per-feature or recurring fees.

Benefits from deploying IPPBX:

  • Interactive voice response provides automated professional receptionist without losing real human touch
  • Efficient expansion of up to 30 or more extension without incurring upgrades or addon modules
  • Use of single LAN point instead to having LAN and Phone point
  • SIP trunks provide a efficient and cost effective alternative to analogue business lines
  • Voicemail to emails provides an efficient retrieval of unified messages through email
  • Call recording provides a training platform for new trainees and customer service improvements
  • Working from home or anywhere made possible via secure VPN service or direct link back to office

Choices of Endpoints:

  1. SIP phones that works like traditional handsets
  2. Video SIP phones that makes point-to-point discussion more personal with eye contacts
  3. Cordless Dect phone for mobile users reachable within big warehouse or retail outlets
  4. Laptop applications (x-lite and zoiper) and mobile applications (CSipSimple or Grandstream Wave) do away with conventional handset
  5. Video door phones for control of entry or exit of office premises without surveillance camera

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