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Advanced Micro Control Pte Ltd

We are your ideal partner in IT. Taking care of software and hardware consultancy and services since 1992, we simplify your IT requirements and get IT done for you. We provide simple and reliable system saving you time & money and yet keeping IT reliable.



  • All SMEs operational functions including eMails, eQuotation, eScheduling, eTasking, eKnowledge Centre, eFacility Booking and eForms


  • Handles SME HR functions including eLeave, ePayroll, HR Biodata, eClaims with CPF and IRAS compliance

IT Productivity Solutions

  • ABSS (MYOB) Accounting Solution
  • Moneyworks Accounting Solution
  • SMESUITE Business Solution
  • Payroll Oncloud Solution
  • Terminal Service Solution
  • SME IPPBX System

IT Services

  • IT Servers, Workstations & Laptops repair,
  • Maintenance and support services
  • Wireless network integration
  • Anti-virus and firewall security solutions
  • Data Storage Solutions
  • Surveillance Camera System
  • Biometric and RFID Door Access
  • Panasonic PABX and Keyphone System

Advanced Micro Control Pte Ltd

Your IT and Software Partner


IT Services


SMESUITE Server Solution


QNAP – Network Attached Storage


ABSS (MYOB) | Moneyworks Accounting Software


IP Phone System


Payroll On Cloud

Solutions in Oneserver

Streamlining of business operation is a constant challenge for all businesses, big or small SMEs, on the one hand, understand the needs to leverage technology to drive their businesses; but on the other, are hampered by lack of knowledge and limited resources to implement it.


Our coaching program is for everyone.

“We are using SMESUITE software and are very satisfied over the software and services rendered by Advanced Micro Control Pte Ltd.”

Sandra Lee


“We are recommending them without reservation and hesitation as we have been working so closely as if we have outsourced our IT Department to them.”


Business Development Manager

“AMC team is committed to after sales training and technical support of Moneyworks with efficient, competent response and will continue as needed.”


Managing Director

Advanced Micro Control Pte Ltd

Your IT and Software Partner. If your trying to find the software that integrates best with you’re company, by meeting all of the needs and saving time and money, in the long term process our product can help your needs.


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