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Working from home - the new norm moving forward...

Is work from home going to be a new norm?

We are finally completing our circuit break since starting of beginning of April 2020. Many are caught unprepared. While this is country effort and fight against Covid-19, we have no choice but comply. 

Most SMEs work with whatever they can do, while there are some who totally cannot. 

What are the reasons some companies are unable to do so? Business operations like manufacturing or those that require physical touch is unable to do much from home. While others who can do it are unprepared. For example on-premise software like accounting software and payroll software will probably restrict the use from outside office unless the company deploy remote connectivity solutions.

Caught unprepared, when SMEs want to deploy such solutions, are not even aware of what options they have, what risk they are facing. Most will leave everything behind and wait for it to open. 

Finally we are finishing the national service of circuit break on 1st June 2020. But again in MOM advisory on, we notice that in item 5, Where employees can perform their work by telecommuting from home, the employer must ensure that they do so. It only means we are to continue to work from home if possible.

Well we started preparing for business continuity planning strategy since 2003 after the SARS epidemic, which many have forgotten. This time we should seriously consider this new norm, working from home. We know its not going to be the same moving forward. We know the business nature have changed. We know many things, but are we working towards changing the way we work?

Consider reading up on Cloud PBX, Moneyworks, SMESUITE and SME Firewall VPN as some possible ways moving forward.

Government funding, can consider Productivity Solutions Grant (up to 80%) for Moneyworks, and also Worklife grant for Flexible Work Arrangement (up to $2,000 per employee) to fund your work from home strategies.

We advocate preparations with technology, we propose cost effective solutions for SMEs, and we want to simplify solutions without compromising on operations.

Call us for a quick discussion or demo of how we can assist you with work from home strategies!

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