Work Anywhere for SMEs

Work Anywhere, are Singapore SMEs ready? 

Work Anywhere, is your business ready? In view of recent Coronavirus outbreak, there is a renewed urgency to review the readiness of businesses to minimise the impact. Since recovery from 2003 SARS outbreak in Singapore, many companies had been preparing for working from distributed office, or some to work from different location including home in the event of such disruption.

In today’s world with internet technology, not all businesses will be impacted. The rise of gig economy, many business had been outsourcing work to freelancers who work from anywhere. 

Business to business, there are still those who are unable to enjoy that luxury of outsourcing. But with cloud technology becoming affordable and popular, more companies able to work from anywhere unless physical presence is required. 

Let us explore what small business woners can do for their businesses.


Emails is easily accessible from laptops and mobile devices without much frills. However, SMEs are mostly still on conventional phone system. We have seen a trend of converts, but as long as they need physical cable, the operations cannot easily be distributed out of office. 

You may read up on our solutions for on-premise IPPBX or Cloud PBX.


File for cloud sharing is now widely made available through Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Onedrive etc. Even our SMESUITE Solution allows individuals to access their personal drive over their webmail. 

Quotation, scheduling, tasking and even job completion report forms in SMESUITE enables staff to perform task from anywhere.

HR Application in SMESUITE allows you to perform leave applications, approvals, payroll process without appearing in office.

Invoicing and purchasing can be done through Moneyworks Datacentre which can be access from anywhere. While supporting documents can attached to Moneyworks application on the fly. 


Remote IT support can be done through using solutions like AeroAdmin to control the user computer.

We are definitely more prepared this time after learning from SARS, and with Wuhan Coronavirus, we hope all of us remain vigilant and do our part in working towards stopping the spread of virus soon. 

Do feel free to contact us for various solutions or explore your situation with us.

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