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What small businesses did to survive in 2020

What small businesses did to survive in 2020

With the global pandemic taking over and changing most of our lives, most small businesses were forced to go online, read on to find out what small business did to survive 2020. 

Businesses and customers went online.

With the pandemic worsening, everyone was forced to stay at home and with that, customers are spending more time online. As such, businesses are frantically trying to implement different digital solutions like e-commerce, e-invoicing, online delivery platforms and others to help their businesses stay afloat.

Businesses turned to remote working.

After the government has announced that all businesses other than essential services are to work from home, most businesses had to search for cloud-based technology that allowed to work from any location. This ranges from laptops, cloud solutions for things like document creation, email, meetings, accounting, inventory management, firewall and network security, cloud-based phone systems, and many more.. 


We won’t know for sure what will happen in 2021, and whether remote working will stay, but one thing for sure is that digitalization has helped many small businesses to survived in 2020 and if you need help to do so, feel free to contact us.

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