Top 4 IT Problems faced by Businesses



With technological advancement nowadays, almost every business is going digital. As such, it is important to learn about your office technology and some of the top 4 IT problems faced by businesses. The more you know about these IT problems, the better you will be able to resolve or prevent them from happening.

1. Poor or No Network Security.

Network security is one of the most critical parts of ensuring that your business is safe. Malicious attacks, malware and data breeches can be extremely harmful to your business. 

With hackers becoming more sophisticated, it is important to ensure that your business have a safe and secure network. 

This can be easily be prevented by having a secured firewall. We provide SMe Firewall Simplified, a managed firewall for SME business that allows you to pay a single fee to have us manage and protect your network from any attacks.

2. No Data Backups

Have you experienced a power outage, or had a server crash, and had all your data deleted? If so, then you will know how important it is to have a backup solution and disaster recovery strategy to ensure less downtime.

A data backup plan is something every company should have in place, no matter the size of the company as failure to do so can result in costing you your business money or days of hard work.

Check out QNAP, a network attached storage center for backup, synchronization, remote access, and home entertainment.

3. hardware or software issues

Issues that plague businesses like hardware failing, slow performance, glitches, or system failure can cause threats like downtime and severely affect business productivity. 

SMEs rarely have the time keep up with upgrades and repairs as such, your computers will inevitably slow down, experience glitches, and may even crash! 

Therefore, it is important to have routine maintenance and upgrades so that these problems don’t escalate into expensive repairs.

4. Expensive Repairs and Hidden Costs

IT hardware and networks can have a wide variety of things go wrong, so troubleshooting can be difficult and time-consuming.

If you have ever dealt with IT services, you know that you are charged for every little thing they do. There are hidden fees and small-print disclaimers for everything. 

With our office IT services, you have the option to pay one flat rate for PC and laptop repair services or for network and server troubleshooting. Our services are affordable and has no surprise charges, and we are committed to solve your IT problems as fast as possible. 

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