This App has been Blocked – MYOB

This app has been blocked – MYOB. Some regular MYOB user woke up with the horror of their MYOB error: This app has been blocked for your protection. Here comes the solution: UPGRADE! 

ABSS has been asking their partners and phone support to take this opportunity to get customers to upgrade. You are cornered.

We are not against upgrading your software if the newer version has significant improvement from previous. On top of that, I do believe you would not like to be held ransomed like you are hit with ransomware. 

As a pioneer in MYOB since 1997, there is no significant improvement over these 15 years. You may be on the very old version, but we still support your old version till one day we cannot support any more. But we will never ask you to upgrade unnecessarily.

We work tirelessly over the last 2 days to find out the possible solutions:

3 Options offered from

Of these, I tried option 1 and is the fastest fixed. But it is a cumbersome work around.

Another option is changing the registry disabling the UAC option. We tried and this works as well. However, we will not provide step by step guide for this method as it is a dangerous workaround. This should be done by IT professional.

Warning: attempting to meddle with regedit may cause your system to crash and you may have a bigger problem than current issue.

If you face this problem and you are quite a computer gig, you can read up the above solutions to perform the work around. 

You can contact us for a remote support fixed at +65 6589 8878, and rest assured, we have tested the fixed. Service guarantee we provide: we will refund you if we cannot resolve the issue for you.

myob - this app has been blocked for your protection

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