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1 in 3 SMEs in Singapore hit by ransomware

Are you prepared against RANSOMWARE? I may have spoken to many of you, and also written articles to explain about Ransomware, but we still receive many emergency disaster recovery request. Especially those who did not adopt our SMESUITE solutions. Those on SMESUITE server, you can ignore this message as you are quite well protected. You have not got into any trouble, […]

Ransomware: How to protect your documents with Dropbox

If you or your customers are one of the many people globally that are hit by the wave of ransomware but store your most important information in Dropbox Business, you can recover your files immediately: Head over to www.dropbox.com/support or https://www.dropbox.com/team/admin/help to learn how! If you aren’t a Dropbox Business user yet, reach out to us to learn […]