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Successful BCP Deployment – Covid-19

Successful BCP Deployment for Covid-19 trial was accomplished on 20th Feb 2020. DORSCON Orange was activated on 7th Feb 2020 by Singapore government and we wrote about 2019-nCov: Further Measures for Workplaces on 11th Feb 2020. We deployed split team to test out our readiness over 4 days period. What can we learn from this BCP […]

Office Phone System

This article brings you to a journey of office phone system transformation within our own company. In the beginning, there was only 2 person: 1997 – 1998 (Panasonic) Functionality 1. Single line phone2. Caller ID3. Answering machine4. Recording voicemail5. 1 Phone shared among 2 person With small expansion, our director sponsored an old keyphone which […]

softphone x-lite

Softphone x-lite

Softphone X-Lite Softphone x-lite is a great alternative to our conventional office extension phone. We have completely moved from conventional Panasonic PABX to IPPBX, with some using software x-lite which is a free software phone. So my laptop screen looks like this with x-lite: My laptop screen above with x-lite My USB headset that frees […]


Compare traditional PBX (Keyphone) with IP PBX (Bizphone)

Compare traditional PBX (Keyphone) with IP PBX (Bizphone) The advancement in technology plays a vital role in influencing how people communicate. Businesses have to find unique ways of communicating with their potential customers. An effective and dependable business phone system is a must have investment for every entrepreneur. Most organizations have invested in a Private Branch Exchange […]

IT Setup for SMEs

IT Setup for SMEs

IT Setup for SMEs of about 5 employees (Business Phone System) Telephone has been and will remain important communication tools among businesses. So naturally, we have to start looking at phone system setup. We shall look at 3 options for phone systems to consider: Option 1: Traditional PABX (or key phone systems) Most common brands used in […]