Successful BCP Deployment – Covid-19

Successful BCP Deployment for Covid-19 trial was accomplished on 20th Feb 2020. DORSCON Orange was activated on 7th Feb 2020 by Singapore government and we wrote about 2019-nCov: Further Measures for Workplaces on 11th Feb 2020. We deployed split team to test out our readiness over 4 days period. What can we learn from this BCP (Business Continuity Plan) Deployment?


Most important lesson learn is about people. We encounter first hand that people is the most important factor in business continuity planning deployment. During planning, our people begin to work with great coordination and at their own initiative. They started thinking of what they would access while working out of office, logistically and mentally. Tested their own laptop machines, softphone applications, software connection with mobile phone data teethering etc. Support from each other was well coordinated, and in fact customer do not even know about it.

We are blessed with an extremely reliable team who work responsibly so that we can continue business as usual. Trust is important as we do not see each other in action. This is definitely a great experience that everyone want to show the maturity on handling as a team with blind faith. 


Laptops were deployed for those on PC. Fortunately these days most of them are already on laptop, with only 2 laptop spares required. We do fortunately have 2 spare laptop and they work well for their temporary masters. For mobile phones, we are using our personal mobile phones. 


Accounting solution of our choice, Moneyworks is our best buddy. We are connected to our Moneyworks Datacentre from external with the efficiency near to office performance. We send out invoices, purchase orders and all other functions without missing out any functionality or efficiency lack.

We use our inhouse SMESUITE solution for quotation, job scheduling. email and also file access (over web disk in webmail). Most are our usual work practice except for file access. File access has been minimum, as we have been practicing uploading of softcopy of purchases and customer cheques documents to Moneyworks accounting software.

For softphone, we have 3CX and GS Wave on either mobile phone or laptops. Calls send and receive via our extension as if we are in the office. Again no difference to me, but for some who uses hard phone in office just got to get use to making calls out via mobile apps or laptop apps.

Lesson Learnt

It’s all about people. Willingness to step out of comfort zone, responsible employees and team effort plays a major role in ensuring business continuity plan a success. Companies can only provide infrastructure, but without right people with right mindset, abuse and insecurity concerns may topple the company easily.

We hope all companies will look seriously into business continuity planning as it may come in handy. We are not afraid of the Covid-19 virus, but the effect of crippling company operation is very real.

Talk to us, if you have doubts. 


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