Speed Up MYOB

Speed Up MYOB

We have been hearing complains of MYOB performance issue for years. We are going to propose 3 ways you can speed up MYOB. Users of MYOB usually complain of speed or performance issue coming from MYOB multi-user environment.

Here are 3 options you can consider:
  1. Improve your network infrastructure
  2. User of remote desktop solution or terminal service application
  3. Change the software

Improve your network infrastructure:

  • Change all your network adapter, network switch to gigabit network
  • Do not use wireless for machine that uses MYOB
  • Change your network drive that shares MYOB file to Solid State Drive

Use of remote desktop solution or terminal service application:

  • A dedicated server or PC with license for terminal service or remote desktop connection license
  • Use remote desktop client to connect into the server or PC

Change the software:

  • Change to data efficient software like MoneyWorks

What are the differences or pros and cons to all these proposed solutions?

Methods Pros Cons
Improve infrastructure •Improve your overall network efficiency at the same time.

•Might be easiest if you just setup new network, just turning off wifi may help

•Short term solution if your transaction volume is high.

•If file is too big, this might not improve much.

Use of Remote Desktop •Best performance as data does not flow out of PC. Most efficient, and can double up for accessing remotely. •May be the costliest involving server, dedicated computer and also software license.

•May be temporary solution if transaction volume keep growing

Change Software •Less future concern on performance as transaction volume increase.

•Better features and functions that MYOB may not offer.

•Staff resistance to change is a big hurdle to cross.

•One-time effort to cross-over may be another hurdle.

You can contact us for any of these options. We will be glad to meet up and discuss the options with you.


William Tan

Tel: 65898818 Ext 7001

Email: websales@amcpro.asia

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