Softphone x-lite

Softphone X-Lite

Softphone x-lite is a great alternative to our conventional office extension phone. We have completely moved from conventional Panasonic PABX to IPPBX, with some using software x-lite which is a free software phone. So my laptop screen looks like this with x-lite:

softphone x-lite

My laptop screen above with x-lite

headset for laptop

My USB headset that frees my hand to the keyboard while talking to you.

You can download x-lite here:

What benefits do I get from changing to x-lite:

  1. Savings from buying physical phone
  2. Hands free that I can type, search or anything on my laptop while answering phone calls
  3. Extension follows me everywhere my laptop goes, of course with internet access
  4. Quick screen like mobile phone for history of incoming, outgoing and missed call to click and dial back
  5. Phone book which we can see which other extension is online or busy
  6. Less clutter as one equipment less on your desk.

x-lite features

This free us on neck strain if we are using the phone for longer period of time as we tend to tilt our head to hold the handset of our conventional phone. Physically release my neck from long term strain due to calling during office hours.

Before converting to using softphone, we are also one that resist the change having a excuses that physical phone is more stable, we are not used to talking on the headset and also dialing on keyboard is cumbersome. It only takes one month of trying out, that I decided never to use a desk phone again. With so much benefit, it only take a small courage to try out.

Lesson learn, do we dare to try out things for the longer term good or are we resisting change for our comfort?

Call me up to test the quality or to discuss how you too can transform your office operations now!

William Tan

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