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Cloud IP Phone Rental Services

Subscribe Cloud IP Phone services for your office now and enjoy:

  • Flexibility of mobile office – extension can be anywhere
  • Scalability of expansion of workforce
  • Low startup without capex incurred
  • Simple to operate and easy to deploy
  • No maintenance cost incurred
  • Lowest minimum contract of 6 months

Features of bizphone includes:

  1. Caller ID display
  2. Interactive voice response system for office auto-attendance
  3. Voicemail for miss call
  4. Call forwarding to mobile phone when out of office
  5. Group ring
  6. Call transfer or forwarding
  1. Affordable start up monthly subscription cost of $68 per month for 3 phones and 3 extensions.


  1. Super value monthly subscription cost of $118 per month for 5 phones and 5 extensions.


Cloud IP Phone Services is suitable for:


    • New startup company with 3 to 5 person on board
    • Relocation or expanding from 1 to 2 person and find purchasing phone system expensive
    • New branch or department deployment on same or different location from main office
    • Site offices deployment for projects
    • SMEs who wants to go Digital

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