Reuse Reduce Recycle Repurpose Old PC

REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE REPURPOSE OLD PC for a better use! Imagine, you can turn an old PC or laptop into a VPN server whereby all your users can have a secure connection back to office when working remotely! We are talking about turning your un-used machine laying around in your office including spare PC or laptop.

Let us bring you through what older machine can serve you:

SME OnCloud – Windows Terminal Service with multi-user capability 

SME NextCloudNextCloud is the private “Dropbox” service hosted in your own office

SME VPN – Secure private connection back to office

SME Business – Suite of business solutions including CRM and Payroll for operations

SME Phone – Next generation phone system that runs on office network

All these services are available under SME ONE of which we provide hardware and services, and companies would just subscribed. The difference now is we are able to convert your unused machine and repurpose for a better use.

Most machine purchased within 3 years would be able to be reused for most of the services mention. We would advice to at least change away the old harddisk drive for better reliability.

However, for SME OnCloud which has to run Windows, users would need to purchase Windows license, terminal service license as well as RAM to be minimum of 8GB or more depending on the number of users.

As this is purely service, we would need to evaluate the machine before we can conclude if the machine is suitable for repurpose to what you would need. 

Together as SME, we can do our part in going green, putting efforts to reuse, reduce and recycle our unused machines in our office. 

Do give us a call for quick discussion on the possibilities at +65 6589 8878 Now!

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