Rental Business

Added New Column "Start D", "End D" and "Days"

Rental Business can consider customisation of 3 new columns in Moneyworks Debtor Invoice windows screen. 

As seen above, we have created a new script concept to help users calculate the number of days to bill customer on rental of facilities, products and equipment. “Start D” refers to start date of the rental, and “End D” refers to end date of rental. With the start date and end date provided, the number of days will be auto-calculated on the last column “Days”. User can just copy and paste into the quantity field to invoice customer by the number of days they rent the product.

If this can be evolve into copier or similar kind of business nature whereby charges are on-demand type. So copier or energy business who charge based on meter reading before and after, we can just have number field for first 2 column and calculation is based on column 2 less column 1. Quantity can be inserted based on calculated field.

Customised fields can also be added into your invoice formula and append it into your description field for your convenience. User can just print out the invoice and send to customer, having customer to pay via PAYNOW.

PAYNOW is a separate script to generate the specific invoice QRCode which help customer appends your company PAYNOW UEN, amount, and invoice reference into their paynow application without human intervention.

Rental Business Invoice

With Moneyworks, one can expect a simple solution keep evolving to simplify your business operations and enhancing productivity. 

Do note that there are 2 separate scripts in the case study, one for creating 3 columns for rental business, and the other is to generate PAYNOW QRCode. Both scripts can be run separately or concurrently at your own preference.

SMEs will be pleased to know  they can claim up to 80% grant (productivity solutions grant) by IMDA if they implement Moneyworks while the grant last!

Please feel free to contact AMC at 6589 8878 for more information or discuss your operations requirements with us NOW.

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