Reasons to use accounting software

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Accounting Software

As a business owner, it is easy for you to get caught up in your daily operations and if you are still using a manual accounting system, you are wasting your time and you should consider looking into accounting software to help you manage your finances.

But first, what is an accounting software? 

Accounting software takes care of a business’ accounts payable and receivables, helps you to provide invoices to customers, manage payroll and stock inventory, reports tax, and help in budget planning. In other words, it acts as a digital accountant that evaluates and takes care of the financial status of a business.


So, what are the reasons why you should start using accounting software?

Saves Time

Accounting software allows businesses to automate their accounting process, therefore businesses are able to process their accounts with greater speed as compared to manual accounting. This simplification and automation will save the time you need to invest in other sectors of your business.

Simplifies Accounting Process

With accounting software, it is very simple to generate reports and analyze your business’ finances, you won’t have to sit down and spend hours trying to generate a report manually. Accounting software like Moneyworks and ABSS Accounting allow you to generate customizable reports with just a few clicks, thus saving you lots of time and effort! In addition, accounting software like Moneyworks and ABSS Accounting can greatly help businesses in performing accounting tasks by giving accurate calculations of GST with just a click, therefore simplifying accounting for businesses.


Automating your accounting process means that you won’t have to calculate by hand, which means that there will be fewer human errors in calculation. Manual calculation or bookkeeping involves making a lot of mathematical calculations by hand and it is quite normal to make mistakes in calculation. This mistake could have a devastating impact on your business. As such, you should consider switching to computerized accounting software as computers do not make any mistake in calculations.

Easy to Use

Accounting software like Moneyworks and ABSS Accounting are easy to use and user-friendly therefore, people with no accounting knowledge can maintain proper bookkeeping easily. It performs accounting tasks quickly and also allows efficient management of information and finance.


If you are using accounting software like Moneyworks and ABSS Accounting, you can easily backup and secure your data safely. As such, there is no risk associated with losing your paper-based financial records due to theft, carelessness, fire, or just wear and tear

If you are convinced to switch to accounting software, contact us now for further enquires or download a free trial for Moneyworks (Windows or Mac OS) and ABSS Accounting

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