PSG – Productivity Solutions Grant Application Process

PSG - Productivity Solutions Grant

PSG – Productivity Solutions Grant has finally been approved for both MoneyWorks and ABSS (formally known as MYOB).

As per my previous blog on what Productivity Solutions Grant (in short PSG) is about, this article is about the process of applying for PSG.

  1. Check your eligibility with the 3 basic questions about your company:
    • Registered and operating in Singapore
    • Purchase, lease or subscription of the IT solutions or equipment must be used in Singapore
    • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding (for selected solutions only)
  2. Look for solutions that suits your needs, for example our ABSS(MYOB) of MoneyWorks
  3. Ask solution vendors to send you their package quotation
  4. Login in to BGP (Business Grant Portal) with your corppass to apply
  5. You will receive grant approval email with details on the grant
  6. Proceed to confirm with your vendor to deploy the solution
  7. Pay the vendor with company cheque
  8. Login to your BGP (Business Grant Portal) with your corppass for claims submission
  9. Wait for money reimbursement for the grant

Few things to note:

  • There must be no variation from the packages offered by the vendor
  • Do not start the project, confirm the quotation or make payment to your vendor till you receive your approval
  • Do not assign the vendor your company’s corppass to assist you

Hope this helps your understanding on how Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) works.

For those who has been waiting patiently for the grant to be approved for our solutions, I will be contacting you to guide you personally over the next few days. If I have missed you out, please feel free to contact me at my direct extension 7001. Thank you for your patience.

Please fee free to contact us at 6589 8878 for our solutions, or even request step by step guide (screenshot) for your application.


William Tan


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