PSG now 70%

PSG Grant up to 70%
PSG Grant Now Up to 70%!

Take action, PSG now 70%. Claim up to 70% for adopting Moneyworks or MYOB (now known as ABSS) accounting software packages now!

We have just receive email from IMDA that the percentage of claimable amount has been adjusted to 70% (was previously 50%) for those who apply the grant from today.

For those who are still contemplating, this is the time to adopt change. Government has clear direction for Singapore to go digital emphasizing over the last 3 years budget announcements. Looking at the economy marching forward, we have but no choice to keep improving via technology. We have to think fast and hard on how we should bring our businesses forward.

Adopting technology is not about grant. It is about what is our next direction, how we adopt the “go Digital” with the next wave. Think about our processes. Are we able to do faster, do more or do better with technology. Do not focus on the grant to start with. Rather focus on objective. With that in mind, you would be able to adopt a relevant technology system that will help you propel to the next level, than to adopt a system that becomes a burden after the grant and not help you move forward.

Trying out is not wrong, and failing is not to be avoided. We often worry about making mistakes. But we should put the first step out the test the adoption, if need be, fail faster and get into the next faster. Why? Currently the grant amount per company is cap at $30,000 per year. So if you fail after 1 year, you can try another. So if you are budgeting $30,000 for a project, while the government is funding 70%, you can afford to try 3 projects with the same amount.

In the end of 3 years and looking back, you probably have gotten a successful upgrade of your processes and move forward, or have done even more with other projects with the help of government support!

Call us for a meet up to explore together. We look forward to our meetup soon.


William Tan (6589 8878 Ext 7001)


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