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Moneyworks Datacenter Client

$588.50 Incl. GST

Moneyworks Client for Datacentre.

License is concurrent and is not tag to individual machine

*Note: User must be running Moneyworks Datacentre to use this license.

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Moneyworks Datacenter Client:

  • Moneyworks Datacentre server must be purchase prior to this purchase.
  • Can be connected remotely with proper setup of router and IP address.
  • This license has to connect to Moneyworks Datacentre service.

Perfect for stressed-out SME owners, Moneyworks will make your accounting process simple and efficient. Our simplified accounting software was built for SMEs like you so that we can help you to focus on your business better. No more spending overtime trying to manage your finances.

Moneyworks is an accounting software made for businesses like yours which can help you to run your entire business end-to-end, without any other additional software. Moneyworks Datacentre is a Network server for MoneyWorks Gold, with a single company or multi-company options. It has all the functionality of MoneyWorks Gold with high-performance networking for up to 99 simultaneous users. Enjoy the convenience of centralised data management, concurrent client licensing, remote access, powerful APIs, and automatic backups and archives.

  • Dedicated server- Datacentre provides convenient, scalable, and easy to manage network access for your MoneyWorks Gold data.
  • Centralised Control- The Datacentre Console provides a central, convenient way to manage your system.
  • Mobile access- Live access from your mobile devices
  • Server access- REST APIs and command-line access allows integration with backend services using tools such as PHP or Perl
  • Fast networking- Fast access, even over the internet.
  • Advanced security- Keep your data safe.

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