Compare traditional PBX (Keyphone) with IP PBX (Bizphone)

Compare traditional PBX (Keyphone) with IP PBX (Bizphone)

The advancement in technology plays a vital role in influencing how people communicate. Businesses have to find unique ways of communicating with their potential customers. An effective and dependable business phone system is a must have investment for every entrepreneur. Most organizations have invested in a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system for effective communication with customers. Now in the 21st century, IP PBX is beginning to open up a whole new world of border-less communications.

PBX Phone System is basically a private telephone network system used within any organization. These telephone systems come with incredible features such as call conferencing, welcome message, directory of extension numbers & call records archive, call holding and automatic call distribution. PBX Phone Systems such as traditional PBX, hosted PBX, VoIP/IP PBX, and Cloud PBX have different features.

Interestingly, modern organizations are using Cloud PBX (virtual phone system) to optimize their business communication due to their dynamism, flexibility and mobility features. Generally, having a reliable communication network system can help to grow your small business immensely.

Comparison between Traditional PBX (Keyphone) and IP PBX (Bizphone)

Traditional PBX/Analogue PBX Phone systems overall costs are much higher as compared to other phone systems. The higher costs are normally due to installation, maintenance/support and down time. Additionally, traditional PBX systems are regarded as complex hence must be installed and maintained by a fully-certified engineering professional.

IP PBX, on the other hand, cost less per call and to setup. The IP PBX reduces costs of long distance/international calls significantly by converting voice into data then transferring it as packets across the network.

Although about 75% of businesses use traditional PBX systems, they are less dynamic as compared to IP PBX. Apart from requiring low installation & lower operational costs, VOIP systems offer more in terms of dynamism.

Call quality and reliability.
In terms of call quality and reliability IP PBX systems are more superior to traditional PBX phone systems. Although both IP PBX and traditional PBX systems are highly effective, their call quality and reliability ranking are different. VOIP systems are ranked as excellent while traditional PBX is considered as good.

Scalability and maintenance
The good thing about VOIP systems is that with them you can have as many lines/extensions as possible provided your bandwidth can handle it. Unfortunately, a traditional PBX only allows a limited number of lines. Additionally, and a IP PBX is a software-based system thus requires low maintenance while traditional PBX needs high maintenance.

In summary, IP PBX systems have lower operational costs, easy configuration/installations, advanced accessibility and simpler management as compared to traditional analog PBX ones. With that in mind, there is wisdom in upgrading your conventional PBX business phone systems with Cloud PBX or VOIP PBX for more effective results.

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