NEXTCLOUD File Sharing

NextCloud file sharing is launched finally after months of testing and evaluation. We will be discussing about NextCloud solution in this article. 

What triggers us to consider NextCloud solution:

1. Companies losing their data due to PC/Laptop harddisk failure

2. User data corrupted due to network or operating system issues

3. Hit with ransomware, data was encrypted and held ransom.  

4. Covid-19 work arrangement changes (work from home as default)

NextCloud File Sharing is the solution to above situation:

  • Documents are residing on PC/Laptop, synchronised to server
  • Documents versioning allows user to choose which version to restore
  • Ransomware version can be reversed, and server has a daily backup copy on secondary harddisk
  • Documents can be brought home (0ffice laptop) and synchronised over the internet

On top of this, NextCloud also offers:

  1. Folders and files sharing with internal users
  2. Documents can be shared with external users
  3. Office has control over the sharing
  4. Security with 2FA to prevent hacking activities
  5. You can access your via securely with browser, laptop/PC and mobile phones
NextCloud App is available for download for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
NextCloud on Windows Explorer
NextCloud File Sharing on Browser
NextCloud on Browser
NextCloud Mobile
NextCloud Mobile

If you an MYOB/ABSS accounting software user, we encourage you to try out this solution. Backup your MYOB/ABSS datafiles daily to NextCloud. You will find that not only you have one backup copy in your local drive, you will also have a copy in the cloud with us.

For those with more than 3 users, you can consider our SME NextCloud File Solution with dedicated server at your own office. You have full control of how you want to share securely. You can read about SME NextCloud Solution here:

Sign up for a one month trial account for free (5GB) now! Limited to first 20 who sign up over contact us page.

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