MYOB ABSS PSG Package - New

We have received an approved revised MYOB ABSS PSG Package. Unfortunately our contract with IMDA for these packages will be ending in early February 2020.

New packages will be claimable at 70% (not up to 70%) as this is pre-approved by IMDA for the packages. So if you have not purchase the software package, you can now seriously consider.

For those who are keen, this is the best timing to adopt ABSS (formally known as MYOB) and this is the right place to purchase. 

Here are some important facts you why should seriously engage us:

  1. You can buy just the software or you can buy with services as a package
  2. You can claim the full 70% (not up to 70% previously) of the adoption cost
  3. You get the best deal in the market for training sessions bundled
  4. You engage the pioneer of MYOB in Singapore (we have been deploying MYOB since 1997 even before MYOB set up Singapore office)

Important considerations before getting accounting solutions:

  • Is the accounting solutions able to meet your operation needs and requirements?
  • Is the accounting solutions able scale with you by way of integration with other solutions in your operations?
  • Is the accounting solutions claimable under government grant?
Do note that the government grant considerations should come last.

Read more about ABSS MYOB new packages here: MYOB ABSS PSG Package

If you are interested to know more, please feel free to contact us for a quick demo session or talk to our friendly MYOB team soon at +65 6589 8878.

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