MYOB / ABSS Activation Issue

MYOB / ABSS Activation Issue has been an ongoing pain for our users since we blog about it in Aug 2020. Please refer to the previous article on the process of activation. 

We had been receiving calls from MYOB users, and getting more frequently. So we shall take this chance to address some issues. If you are MYOB / ABSS user, you will see the picture above and be panic as you are given 14 days to confirm your company file. You will attempt to activate your company file online, and yet the next prompt will tell you, “unable to confirm your file online”. 

Here is the actual process:

1. You will need to contact ABSS hotline at 6505 6582 and select option 2 for registration

2. You will have to tell them your MYOB / ABSS activation issue, which they will request for your company name, MYOB serial number and email address.

3. ABSS will send your email which will look like this:


Do not fall into the sales trap unless you really want. You can reply them that you “do not intend to upgrade for now. Just want to activate your company file”

4. They will then send you another email verification link to verify your company details

5. After that process, you can try to activate your company file again

6. This process will appear again in 3 months time, and you shall restart your step 1 above


Even if you upgrade to the latest version (Premier v23.7 or Accounting v28.7), the activation process is still the same pop up issue which you will repeat that process and subject to upselling again. Not solving your activation process. On the new version as compared to your previous version, there is not much significant difference, therefore I do not advice customer to upgrade their software. 

PSG Grant Purchase:

They will suggest as per in the email above to purchase new software and apply for grant. Do remember the hassle behind buying new software. You will not be able to use current company file for the new license as serial number cannot be changed. You will be paying separately to get ABSS to remove the existing serial number (not stated anywhere). Alternative is to recreate the company file and manually key in all your information with new financial year or if you are an expert, you can consider exporting from current company and importing some of your information into the new company file.

So our recommendation is to stay at existing version as long as the software is working fine for you. Upgrading of software does not necessarily benefit you at this moment. 

If you want to explore ABSS / MYOB latest version, you can download here.

With our knowledge on MYOB / ABSS as a pioneer reseller even before MYOB step foot in Singapore, we are still supporting the software with diligence and confidence. But due to misalignment of the solution with our company vision and objectives, we have since stop promoting and selling MYOB / ABSS actively. We have withdrawn our ABSS Partnership status since early 2020. We continue to support our existing customers as we do not believe in leaving our supportive customers behind. We will continue to take care of you as long as we possibly can.

Most of you by now would have known, we are able to do far more wonders than ABSS support team can do for you. 

If your business require more functionalities than your current solutions, we will be glad to listen to your request and recommend suitable solution. Rest assure, we will not sell you anything unless you think you need.

Do feel free to contact us at 6578 8878 for clarifications. 

2 Replies to “MYOB / ABSS Activation Issue”

  1. Hi everyone .. i came across this forum and we (my boss is from UK and works at his company in Singapore) have this issue – MYOB / ABSS – have stoped activation on 2 of our MYOB products.
    Does anyone know if there was a court case/small claims or regulatory interest issue in this (or similar softeware cases)

    Would love to give him ideas as he prepares to take this to the small claims in Singapore.

    All the best Team Jenny Tan (australasian trading)


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    1. Hi Jenny,

      You still should be able to activate your company file. Just need to call them to request for re-activation. You can WhatsApp us at +65 65898878 or myself at +65 93874569 for assistance if required.

      William Tan

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