Multi-Branches Centres

multi-branch centre

Multi-Branches Centres and Outlets management can be challenging if company is also managing departmental and project at the same time. Moneyworks allows departmental, classification and projects that handles most of the complex businesses. However, each department can only tag to a classification and projects are used for job allocation and reporting.

With such a scenario, we will have to customise a script to add to all transactions screens across Moneyworks including Invoice, Purchase, Receipt and Payments so that user can input the new category called branch or centre.

With new category, we can customised our reports to include selection for Branches or Centres to be available for our Profit/Loss or Balancesheet Reports.

Some of the ideas in the scripts to include rules:

  • Selection instead of typing manually to reduce mistakes (Command > Update Centre Info…)
  • Validation of Branches or Centre (to disallow posting without centre selection)
  • You can select to post transaction later
  • Not allowing editing of Branches or Centres after posting

If your company is using Departments, Projects and have multi-branches centres or outlets to analyse, this would best suit your specific needs.

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