Most popular solutions in Covid-19

Most popular solutions during Covid-19 implemented by our customers. 

We have crossed one year since Covid-19 circuit-break last year in April 2020. It must have be a tough year for many businesses and individuals. As we look back, what are the most popular solutions during Covid-19 years by our customers and moving forward, what should we expect?

simply good accounting software making it simple

Moneyworks with PSG Grant

As people scrambled to work from home, Moneyworks accounting solution remains our most popular implementations through the year. Companies are replacing legacy MYOB / ABSS for Moneyworks with a few valid reasons:

1. Able to tab of government grants (PSG, DRB as well as InvoiceNow)

2. Native built-in hybrid cloud and on-premise combination allowing users to connect from anywhere

3. Better features and functionalities with automation and integration capabilities to improve workflow


SME Firewall VPN

We launched our VPN firewall before 2020 and it came in handy. We are able to deploy to many companies in the shortest time frame as the announcement for circuit break was a shock to many. Here are some of the benefits:

1. VPN back to office to access file server and remote desktop securely while work-from-home

2. Lowest cost managed security gives users the best combination of services over solution

3. Ease of deployment and best value for bucks spent to enable remote work force



Bizphone Service

Traditional phone systems becomes crippled, as people starting to work from home. Mobile phone becomes the main core communication device for the work-from-home community. We have new natural signups for bizphone ippbx solutions with following benefits:

1. Turn mobile phone into office extension, keeping mobile call charges low

2. Mobility is the best option since work-from-home is default mode of work

3. Affordability and ease of deployment with low contract requirements

As we hope for our country and economy to open up, we advice most of our clients to keep this current deployment handy and as a way moving forward. As SMEs, we need to remain nimble and agile as it is our competitive edge. 

We look forward to having coffee sessions together soon. Stay safe and healthy in person and as a company!

Do feel free to contact us for more information if you are keen to explore anything that helps you move forward.

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