Moneyworks – Sustainable Solution for Climate Friendly Households Programme

Moneyworks – Sustainable Solution for Climate Friendly Households Programme


Moneyworks – Sustainable Solution for Climate Friendly Households Programme as used in independent store in voucher scheme help elderly consumers with energy- and water-saving appliances.

The Climate Friendly Households Programme (CFHP) is a commendable initiative in Singapore, aimed at promoting sustainable living practices. Under this program, every HDB household receives $300 in Climate Vouchers to purchase energy- and water-efficient products. These vouchers can be claimed anytime until December 31, 20271.

Moneyworks: The Ideal Accounting Solution

Moneyworks, a leading accounting solution provider, plays a pivotal role in making the CFHP successful for retailer like Woodlands Domestic Electrical Pte Ltd . Here’s how Moneyworks contributes:

  1. Seamless Redemption Process:

    • Moneyworks has integrated climate vouchers redemption system into its Cash Receipt and Invoicing system. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for both merchants and consumers.
    • Customers can easily redeem their vouchers at participating retailers using Moneyworks’ efficient platform.
    • Retailer is able to check product purchased is CFHP approved prior to billing
    • No disruption or major change in operational use of Moneyworks as accounting solution
  2. Expanded Product Range:

  3. Accounting Solution as POS:
    • Moneyworks as accounting solution doubles up as a POS with its built-in Cash Receipt module
    • If a POS interface is required, Moneyworks has a built-in addon module to turn the same account solution into a POS interfaced platform


Moneyworks’ innovative approach transforms accounting solution into a powerful tool for sustainability. By seamlessly integrating voucher redemption, empowering merchants, and enhancing customer engagement, Moneyworks contributes significantly to Singapore’s green future.

For more information on the Climate Friendly Households Programme and how to claim and spend your Climate Vouchers, visit the official website1.

Remember, sustainable choices today lead to a greener tomorrow! 🌿💚

1Climate Friendly Households Programme 2Enhanced Climate Friendly Households Programme

SMEs can adopt Moneyworks with the support of Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) up to 50% of the qualifying cost and at the balance 50% out of pocket expenses can be further claimed through SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (Up to 90% of the out of pocket expenses). 

Note: Subject to approval from relevant grant agencies and grant availability.

Do contact us for a demo if you are still not on Moneyworks. We can be reached via whatsapp +65 6589 8878.

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