Moneyworks PSG 2022

Moneyworks PSG 2022

Moneyworks PSG 2022 – We are pleased to announce the renewal of our Pre-Approved Package for Moneyworks starting from 2nd June 2022. For those who have received the quote and have yet to apply for the PSG grant, kindly get a fresh quote from us. There are some minor changes to the packages and quotation description. 

For those who are choosing accounting solutions, here are some major considerations that makes Moneyworks the best choice of solution among the flock:

Application based: Moneyworks is the only solution that runs on application sitting on either Windows or Mac OS. Users have a choice of either Windows or Mac machine to run Moneyworks. And as compared to browser-based application, you enjoy the speed and flexibility of functions across application compared to browser-based solution.

Accessibility: Choice of standalone Moneyworks GOLD, network version of Moneyworks Datacentre and cloud hosted Moneyworks NOW

  • For one person operations, standalone Moneyworks GOLD is the best choice of as it allows multi-company by creating unlimited company files (without the hassle of activating company files). Ideal for one-man operations or free-lance bookkeepers/accounting professionals.
  • For multi-user operations, Moneyworks Datacentre is the most ideal for small office operations as well as work-from-home operations. Moneyworks does not require remote desktop as it is by default simple to access from outside office or host on datacentre servers. Client machines, users can still choose between Windows and/or Mac machines as combination will work as well.
  • For those who insist on cloud version, Moneyworks NOW is the answer to that. The difference of Moneyworks NOW and Moneyworks Datacentre is that Moneyworks NOW is subscription base and therefore your get the latest updates and upgrades without doing your own maintenance. While Moneyworks Datacentre is on-premise solution that you need to do your own updates. 

We have been doing a lot more than just Moneyworks for our users. Read up our Moneyworks articles to know our automations and integration done for some of our clients.

AMC is an IT solutions company. We provide whole suite of solutions for SMEs including your business machines, networking and services to digitise your business. At AMC, we simplify IT for SMEs.

Feel free to contact us for more information Moneyworks PSG 2022 or request for a demo at +65 6589 8878.

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