Moneyworks Practical Application

Moneyworks Practical Application in summary view, here we shall attempt to list out what some special custom application for unique business requirements. Some of which has been written in other article.



Batch Number Tracking 

With expiry date, this function is popular among pharmaceutical businesses, building material suppliers and supplier of perishable goods. You can track the batch number that we buy or sell, so that you can tell the balance quantity of the batch and expiry date. This feature is required by pharmaceutical or food supplier whereby they need to track the buyer and seller of certain batch of product and their expiry date. It is statutory responsibility to remove items from retail shelves if the product has expired and also for manufacturer to recall any products when detected with public risk. Refer to our previous article on product batch tracking here for detail explanation.

invoice with batch selection
Departmental and Classification
With departmental and classification function, we can enjoy breakdown report by department and further into classification. However, for SMEs, we probably be able to apply into companies with multi-channel distribution sales channel. What it does, is to breakdown your sales account into department group, department outlets or teams, or individual salesperson. You can also break further into business models using classifications. Refer to our previous article with video on departmental and classification here for detail explanation.
profit & loss by classification
Education Automation 

This function is not available by default. It is a unique customisation using Moneyworks Scripts. We customise this script to solve the issue of tracking of training grant which is a common issue face by Singapore training company. This script allows user to automatically calculate training fees in sales to less off each individual grants, thereby only collecting the net fees after all applicable grants. Upon completion of the sales transaction, the automation also help you create debtor invoices to track the claims from each government agencies. Refer to our previous article on product batch tracking here for detail explanation.

There are a few other customisation with special attention to 

  1.  MCST billing unique to Singapore property management business. MCST invoice requires calculation if late payment interest thereby making the invoice looks more like a statement of accounts.
  2. Meter reading billing unique to businesses like copier tracking of printing by page, or utilities businesses whereby there is a meter to show and billing is by usage.
  3. Landed cost of products for companies that wants a more accurate way of factoring shipping and other cost into purchase price of an item. This is done via a script, and you can find previous article here

SME goDigital has been around, supporting your business in moving to the next efficient level by providing up to 70% cash grant. Contact us for more information on PSG Grant applicable to your company and also automation pertaining to your requirements. We are sure to have more Moneyworks Practical Application ideas for you.

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