Moneyworks POS

MoneyWorks POS (Point of Sale) has been launched in late March 2023. Here is how mwPOS looks like:

Moneyworks POS

Simple, functional integrated Point of Sale.

A full screen POS incorporating PLU buttons, baarcode scanning, customer loyalty, split payments, parked transactions and more. Being a full MoneyWorks component, each sale will automatically update inventory, cost of sales, and other ledgers.

The MoneyWorks Point of Sale system (hereafter referred to as mwPOS) is a simple but functional point of sale system for retail, hospitality and the like. It is fully integrated with your MoneyWorks accounts, so things like inventory levels and general ledger balances are updated in real time.
Key features:
• Visual display for PLU codes
• Barcode scanning
• Parked transactions (e.g. for bar tabs)
• Weights, length and quantities
• Handles tips and split payments
• Capture customer details for loyalty schemes
• Optionally exchange data with a master file running on a separate MoneyWorks Now or Datacentre server
mwPOS runs on Datacentre for multiple store and/or multiple-till situations, or as a single, standalone on MoneyWorks Gold. For distributed retail situations where internet is not reliable, a remote synching facility is available to allow pricing/button configurations to be downloaded from a
central Datacentre, and a sales summary uploaded at the end of the day.

You can subscribe to MW POS Service via File > Manage Services…

With this module, you can deploy an integrated POS which will not only give you a functional POS, but also provide a seemless integration with Moneyworks Gold, Moneyworks Datacentre as well as Moneyworks NOW.

You can still claim up to 50% of Moneyworks solution (software, implementation and training cost) under pre-approved Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). Contact us for more clarification or arrange for a demo session for your company at +65 6589 8878.

AMC remains your most reliable partner simplifying IT for your business operations. 

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