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Moneyworks PAYNOW is the latest initiative to simplified payment collection from your customers. Customer no longer need to key in your UEN or PAYNOW code. Making it a breeze for customers to pay you likely going to make your receipt process faster and enjoy better cashflow moving forward.

What is the difference between a standard QR Code issued by the bank and your own custom (or self generated) QR Code? Standard QR Code only help your customers to fill in your unique PAYNOW number (normally UEN or with Suffix). Customer need to key in the amount and invoice reference number, which often you will get customer keying in the wrong figure or reference number. Wrong figure may cause you to lose income as customer may be reluctant to do it again and out of obligation, you may need to write off the amount. While wrong reference number will cost your administrator or accounts person reconciliation time. 

With Moneyworks Paynow script, we will allow your invoice to generate custom QR.

paynow qrcode custom
paynow qrcode custom

Use GooglePay or your internet banking app to try out both QRCode to see the difference. 


What do you need:

  1. You will need to have a custom script to perform this function
  2. Addin QR Code formula into your Invoice template
  3. Done, you are ready to go!

In the journey of digitisation, we really need to make ourselves more efficient, less error and with less human intervention. We also need to take care of customers’ processes to make life easier for them. By deploying PAYNOW module, we are achieving both!

Below is a youtube video to show you how Paynow script works for your clients’ payment process.

If you are not on Moneyworks, are you aware that Moneyworks solutions is approved as Productivity Solutions Grant (up to 80% from government) and Digital Resilience Bonus (up to $2,500 bonus on Category 1)?

Feel free to contact us for a demo to see how Moneyworks can bring you to the next level of digitisation effortlessly.

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