Moneyworks – OCBC Bank Payment File

OCBC Bank payment file can be created from Moneyworks payment with Moneyworks Script. Moneyworks Automation can be simple and yet practical in solving our daily operations.

Those who use OCBC bank will know that OCBC starts to charge cheque processing of $0.75 and with your printing of payment voucher, envelope and postage, one cheque payment is easily costing us $1.20. However, if you pay by GIRO, the charges will be $0.50. That is the main reason why we are going to automate this process.

In Moneyworks, as usual, we will do payment to our vendor. In this article, we will be using OCBC bank as an example. Each bank will have their own file format. 

Watch the below video for the automation in action:

As above, you will need to be at least the preparer authorisation with OCBC Velocity Internet Banking user. 

As usual, you will need to create payment transaction in your Moneyworks either paying creditor invoices or direct payment for service. Choose the appropriate bank (in this case OCBC). Remove the cheque number, either replace with your own inhouse payment voucher number or leave it as “GIRO” in our example.

After making various payment, you can create into the file in the transaction screen with MW Script activated. Select the payments and click on the script button above.

The script will create a OCBC bank file format into Moneyworks Automation folder on your desktop.

Login to OCBC Velocity, upload the file, while selecting “GIRO Payment”. Once uploaded and verified, you can submit for approval.

Approval party will login to approve the payment, as you email the approval party the payment detail.

As the example shown is OCBC, we have also tested for Standard Chartered Bank, DBS and UOB. So if you are using Moneyworks, you can consider adopting this MW script to automate your payment processes.

We hope to keep simplifying your business processes. If you have any challenges in automation, do share with us, so that we can assist you with the solution.

In AMC, we strive to simplify IT for SMEs! So contact us at 6589 8878 Now!

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