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Moneyworks GOLD package could be the cheapest accounting solution on PSG Grant with the most feature pack into a single software.

What are the key benefits of Moneyworks against competitor? Let’s compare it with the most popular software in Singapore with naming it:

  • Perpetual license means perpetual. Never force to upgrade without new functionality or features
  • Unlimited datafiles really means unlimited. You are not required to pay for additional datafiles, and not limited to 99 datafiles
  • Multi-currency with monthly currency revaluation on foreign currency unrealise gain/loss
  • Runs on either Mac or Windows OS, and files are interchangeable. Means you can change from Windows to Mac machine without paying anything extra and vice versa 
  • Forms designer can even create formula related fields and barcodes

Some features competitor does not even have:

  • Report writer allows savvy user to create own report without additional charges. No longer limited to standard reports
  • Search function in transaction listing enable users to search all transactions flexibly
  • Auto-fill searches through products, companies, or accounts easily without remembering the starting word or code
  • Custom list view allows each user to have their own preference of fields to view
  • Attachment of documents allows e-filing of documents for future references easily without expanding the datafile size
  • Moneyworks Scripts allows simple automation program code to automate some cumbersome function like individual price list, landing cost distribution as well as bank files for uploading to bank
POS and Accounting Systems

Moneyworks can even made to work like a POS, with scanning and generating bar code direct from Moneyworks GOLD. 

Datafile corruptions and errors are common issue, however, we have yet to encounter one for past ten over years. 

Mentioning all the benefits and struggles of competitors, what are some of the rejection reasons we normally would face:

  1.  XXXX is simple to use and our people only know XXXX
  2. Our outsource accountant only can use XXXX
  3. We are used to XXXX since day one
  4. No time to learn a new solution

Productivity Solutions Grant covers up to 80% of the solutions and cost of implementation. Moneyworks GOLD is only $895 excluding GST. After grant Moneyworks GOLD is only $179 (GST not included) for all accountants, bookkeepers and SMEs who need just a standalone system. 

Try out Moneyworks GOLD by downloading the full functional trial: Moneyworks Trial Link

If you are open to change for the better or you are still doing your accounts manually, call us now at +65 6589 8878.

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