Moneyworks Automated Invoicing

Moneyworks automated invoicing

Moneyworks Automated Invoicing – Have you wondered why you receive invoice before your subscription expiry? In business-to-business operations, we often need to invoice our customers in regular intervals like monthly rental, annual domain subscription, annual maintenance just to name some.

These are very normal activities, and yet it took up our time like having a separate excel to track the expiry date of each customer’s item expiry. Go into your accounting software to regenerate the sales invoice (sometimes sales order or quotation), print out the invoice and email to customer. Crafting customer email is another few minutes spent.

All these activities add load to business, thus requiring administrator to work extra hard spending time and effort just to generate all these documents and track them faithfully. Just imagine how many invoices you may have missed out due to mundane task like such?

In Moneyworks, we are able to write a script to automate the task that are repetitive which usually are necessary (you are happy to bill customer) but is a chore to our operations. Business is open to solve some problem, however not to do chores like administration. 

What our scripts does? It searches all the invoices for the field “Expiry Date” that are within 30days from today’s date. Means if today is 26th August 2022, all those that contact dates from 26th August 2022 to 25th September 2022 will be duplicated into Sales Order (with new sales order number) keeping old invoice as customer reference number and automatically send out these sales order via email.

Below is the screen video of the automation in action:

You will need to have the script, setup your email account in Moneyworks and thereafter setup your expiry date field to make this works.

Moneyworks is an amazing simple accounting solution that does great task!

Just a reminder, Moneyworks is pre-approved accounting solutions under PSG Grant which allows companies to claim up to 70% of the qualifying cost from IMDA.

Contact us for more information about the solutions at +65 6589 8878.

In AMC, we keep IT simple!

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